Momentous Partnered With Hilton to Create a New Brand Presence for the Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites



Hilton strategically partnered with Momentous to develop a compelling array of digital photo and video assets for the rebranding of Embassy Suites.

The collaboration focused on enhancing the visual appeal of Embassy Suites through engaging multimedia content.

Momentous was entrusted with the task of creating a suite of digital assets that would align with Hilton's vision for revitalizing the Embassy Suites brand.


Grounded Authenticity with Style

Our strategy involved a thorough review of the overarching creative brief from Hilton, enabling us to gain valuable insights into their brand ethos and objectives.

With this foundation in place, we devised a targeted approach to developing photography and video assets that not only encapsulated Hilton's brand essence but also resonated strongly with their intended audience, aligning seamlessly with their overarching marketing strategy.


Two Locations. Two Weeks.

For each location we came up with character narratives that highlighted the key takeaways that the brand was envisioning. Developing these narratives allowed us to gain specificity in our casting and staging for each scene which ultimately led to capturing more authentic moments.

Our process at each location started with extensive scouting. We tried different angles and noted different blocking opportunities so that everything was buttoned up for the production days.

From there, we had the challenge of photographing and videoing over 40 talent across the two locations, with dozens of set ups, and an attention to detail that is required when working with such a large scale and well-known client.


A Partnership to Remember.

Our team's collaboration with the client and agency truly paid off as the images and video we created exceeded all expectations. The quality and creativity showcased in our work were so impressive that we were invited to collaborate once again, this time to capture photography and video for various brands under the Hilton banner. Our ability to effectively convey the essence and values of the Hilton brand through visual storytelling resonated well with both the client and their audience, leading to a successful partnership that continues to flourish.

The opportunity to work on capturing photography and video for different brands under the Hilton banner has been a rewarding experience for our team. Being able to showcase our skills and creativity in a new set of projects has allowed us to further solidify our relationship with the client and agency. The positive feedback received from our previous collaboration has reinforced our confidence in delivering exceptional visual content that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and creating more captivating visuals for brands under the Hilton umbrella.