Momentous Tapped to Produce 90 Years of Play Celebration Live Stream for LEGO and Walmart

90 Years of Play Celebration



The LEGO Group set out to create a live stream event at the US LEGO Headquarters in Enfield, CT to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the LEGO company. To do so, they partnered with Walmart to create a shoppable stream where viewers could purchase LEGO sets and take advantage of exclusive in-stream deals.

Momentous took the lead on production and asset creation, partnering with Tongal, LEGO, and Walmart to craft a seamless 360 marketing campaign that promoted engagement, triggered sales, and created a positive brand sentiment for both LEGO and Walmart.


Jack Be Nimble. Jack Be Quick.

Our primary objective leading up to the stream was to create a suite of assets to promote the event across all networks ranging from video trailers to web banners and social ads.

With a short runway and a hard deadline for the 90th Anniversary date, we leaned on our Emmy-winning technical team to craft a strategy for executing a complex stream 2,641 miles away from our home base of Las Vegas, NV.

Due to limited local production resources, crafting a barebones streaming setup that could be easily transported across the country with a small footprint crew was the first step toward success.


Genuine Interactions and Smiling Faces

Walmart has been at the forefront of shoppable live streams since they were introduced on social platforms. Knowing this, our team took an approach that built upon past successes while taking our own experiences producing live broadcasts for media giants including Larry King and the World Series of Poker into consideration.

This put interactivity and genuine talent at the forefront of our mind, knowing that the key to positive brand sentiment and engagement is creating authentic opportunities for shared experiences.

The Momentous team created a cinematic facility tour through the unbelievable LEGO HQ that transitioned into fun build-along challenges led by LEGO Masters and culminated in the big reveal of a never-before-seen LEGO set and exclusive giveaway.

All of these elements combined resulted in the most successful live stream for Walmart to date.


Through our research we focused on highlighting three main pillars that were important to our client and relevant to our audience.

LEGO and Walmart are both vibrant brands with clean color palettes and a minimalist time-honored aesthetic that we had to capture within this live stream. Nailing the aesthetic was crucial for creating that authentic and purposeful feeling that translated to the audience no matter what country they were in.


The LEGO Bricks are the hero of this event, and we aimed to put creation at the center of the stream. It was important to us to promote creativity and an idea that one can build anything they can dream of with these simple toys that have stood the test of time.


While it was important to hit all the right notes, we knew we had to do so with an elevated pace that kept the momentum and interest alive for audience members. This would ensure a high retention rate and an overall positive experience, after all, we've all been in a live event of some kind that dragged on. We intended to avoid that dragging feeling like the plague.

Promoting LEGO Sets

Showing off the amazing new sets that LEGO created for the 90th anniversary.

Exclusive Tour

Stacey personified the audience as an outsider receiving an exclusive guided tour of never-before-seen areas of the US LEGO Headquarters.


LEGO 90 Years of Play Celebration

The tremendous effort from all parties involved resulted in a 30-minute show that was streamed across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


This was a record breaking live stream for LEGO, Walmart and Twitter resulting in over 4.6 million views and an incredible response from the viewers that generated millions of dollars in just a few hours. Equally important, the stream prompted viewers to participate and share their results with nearly 500,000 engagements and a 93% retention rate.